A Study of Speech Style in The “Raya And The Last Dragon” Movie By Carlos Lopez Estrada And Don Hall


  • Ferdianto Universitas Nurul Huda
  • Ainur Rohmah Universitas Nurul Huda
  • Arief Hadziq Fikri Universitas Nurul Huda




Movie , A Study, Speech Style


This study discussed about of Speech style in the movie “Raya and the Last Dragon” By Carlos Lopez Estrada and Don Hall. It finds out the types of speech styles used in the movie. Meanwhile, the data were analyzed using Descriptive Qualitative analysis namely the translation of the analysis using the study of speech style theory. The data analysis showed that there were many types of speech style in the movie, namely frozen style, formal style, consultative style, casual style, and intimate style. Moreover, it can be concluded that in this movie is more dominant using casual style which occurs 22 times (36,65%), the second rank is the intimate style occurs 15 times (24,59%). The next is consultative style occurs 14 times (22,96%), formal style occurs 7 times (11,47%), and the last type is frozen style only 3 times (4,92%).


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