About the Journal

  1. Journal Title: SIMBIOSIS: Jurnal Sains Pertanian
  2. Initials: SIMBIOSIS
  3. Frequency: -
  4. ISSN: -
  5. Editor in Chief: Mufti Ali, S,P. M.P
  6. DOI: -
  7. Publisher: Prodi Sains Pertanian, Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi, Universitas Nurul Huda

SIMBIOSIS is a scientific publication of research results in agricultural sciences published by Universitas Nurul Huda and managed by the Sains Pertanian Study Program, Faculty of Sains and Technologi, Universitas Nurul Huda. This agricultural journal is published regularly every semester or twice a year, namely in February and August.

Articles of the journal cover research resultsĀ  in agricultural practices and sciences such asĀ  agronomy, soil sciences, pest and disease of zoological and medicinal veterinary, agricultural engineering, industrial technology, food technology, the science of nutrition, family and consumers, biometry, biology, climatology, livestock, fisheries and marine science, health care and the environment, forestry, and socioeconomic agriculture. Information on equipment, observation, and techniques the experiment will be accepted as articles notes.