• Yunita Wikandari English Department of University of Mayjen Sungkono University


English Learning Process, Reading Comprehension, RAP Strategy


Reading is one of the important skills in learning English. The purpose of this study is to measure the effectiveness of the RAP (Read-Ask-Put) strategy in teaching tenth grade students of SMK Pemuda Mojokerto to read in the 2016/2017 academic year. The design of this research was a post-experimental quasi-experimental design only which was conducted over two classes. They are X-TKJ 2 as the experimental class and X-TKJ 1 as the control class.  Both classes used different methods to help students learn how to read comprehensively. The experimental class was taught the read-ask-put (RAP) strategy and the control class was taught the no-read-ask-put (RAP) strategy.  In a study of 60 students, 31 students in the experimental group and 29 students in the control group were observed.The result of the post-test showed the average score that was gained by the experimental class was 80,64 and the control class was 64,34 while both of classes had the same character. It was proven by the result of homogenity test, the score of Fvalue  was 1.57 higher than ttable (1.85 >1.57). It means that H2 is accepted and the Ho is rejected. So, there isa significant effect of using RAP strategy on students reading comprehension ability.


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